Beginner Information

Welcome to the exciting world of Bicycle Motocross at Shoreham BMX. The following is some information that will help introduce you to our track. We are sanctioned by USABMX and hold events in accordance with USABMX rules. The Town of Brookhaven has been extremely helpful in allowing us to develop Robert C. Reid, Sr. Park for the purpose of hosting BMX events. The operation of the track, however, is not subsidized in any way and is completely self-sufficient. We maintain a reputation of being among the finest tracks in the country, while keeping fees at the lowest rates possible.

The Shoreham BMX Parents Association is dedicated to producing the safest, finest quality BMX found anywhere. We strive to promote a healthy, competitive attitude and teach the importance of good sportsmanship.

Below is the basic membership, age classification, equipment and schedule information.

In order to ride on our track you must hold a USABMX membership license. This entitles you to accumulate points when you race, receive monthly issues of USABMX’s publication “PULL”, compete in Local, State, District and National competitions and secondary medical insurance during all events. Your serial number will indicate your assigned bike #.

If you have never held a license in any BMX sanction, you’ll be classified as a Novice. If you are under the age of 18 you will need a parent to fill out and sign the membership application. We’ll also need a PHOTOCOPY of proof of age (birth certificate or driver’s license) to send to the national office. First time riders (Novice) may apply for a full-paid membership ($60) which is good for 1 year from the date of application. This fee includes membership for both a 20” Novice license and a 24” Cruiser license. Riders may also take advantage of the trial membership ($30) which is good for the first 30 days. Then you can decide if BMX Is for you. Pay an additional $35 and begin to enjoy the benefits of being a fully licensed rider. Your membership will expire 1 year from the original trial application date. Remember, you must convert to a fully paid membership within 30 days or you will not be allowed to practice or race. Each race day you must pay an entry fee at the time of registration.

Once you submit your application, register to race and pay for race day fees, you’ll need to take your bike and equipment for weekly inspection. When your equipment has been verified, a color-coded sticker will be placed on your brake cable which must remain visible for the entire race day.

As a Novice, you’ll race against other Novices of similar age. Sometimes not enough riders of a particular age will show up to make a class. Riders will then be combined with other age groups. This is done automatically by the USABMX computerized race program.

After you win 10 qualifying local races or 3 title wins- (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), you’ll move up to the Intermediate class. 20 more qualifying local races or 5 title wins- (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), or you’ll move up to the Expert class.

In order to pass equipment verification, your bike and equipment must meet certain standards.
  • Bikes must be in good condition. No cracked frames, bald tires, missing spokes, etc. The front and rear wheels must be the same diameter.
  • Handlebars may not exceed 30” in width. They must have grips that completely cover the ends.
  • Pads are recommended to cover the handlebar’s crossbar, the top tube and the stem by which the bars are connected to the fork.
  • A device that prevents the seat post from penetrating the bicycle seat.
  • An operable braking system – hand and/or coaster (foot) brake.
  • A number plate with your assigned USABMX number. Number must be legible and at least 3” high. Stickers may not interfere with numbers. Illegible plates will not be scored and you will lose points for the day.
  • All riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached; snaps are not allowed. USABMX highly recommends a full-face helmet that covers the ears. Street-riding helmets are not permitted. The helmet must be in use whenever the rider is on the track.
  • Long sleeved shirts and long pants of heavy material. Shirttails must be tucked in. Loose pant legs must be taped or tied securely.
  • Shoes with soles soft enough to grip pedals.
  • Gloves, socks, knee and elbow pads are HIGHLY recommended, especially since we have paved asphalt turns.

The following equipment is prohibited:
  • Clipless pedals for Novice riders of any age
  • Drop-style handlebars
  • Kick stands, side stands, chain guards and reflectors
  • Axles that extend more than ¼” beyond the hub nuts
  • Two-way radios that facilitate communication between a rider and anyone else during a race or practice
  • MP3 players and all other portable audio devices. 

A rider may be refused admission to the track if it is determined that his or her equipment is unsafe, whether or not the condition giving rise to this determination is specifically addressed in the previous section.

Before racing begins each week, there will be a quick orientation meeting for beginners and their parents. The meeting is different each race day, depending on the questions asked. You can attend as many as you’d like.

For everyone’s peace of mind, we have an EMT available at the track on practice and race days. There are no spectator or parking fees. Visitors are always welcome. Feel free to bring your own coolers. There are bleachers, picnic tables and port-a-johns available. Please note: Alcohol is a violation of the Town code and is not permitted at any event.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained on this page is only to help you understand the basics. For questions, you can refer to the USABMX Rider Information Booklet and USABMX Rules (

SCHEDULE –RACING EVERY WEEK (See the Schedule page for details)

Sundays (April, May, June, September, October & November) – Registration is from 10-11:00 a.m. Racing starts at 12:00 noon.

Tuesdays (July & August) – Registration is from 6-7:00 p.m. Racing starts at 8:00 p.m.

Practice on Thursday nights beginning the 1st Thursday after Opening day in April through the last Thursday night before the Last race day in November. (See the Schedule page for details)

Weather permitting: To find out if racing or practice has been affected by the weather check the recent announcements on this site, our Facebook or better yet, sign up for our RainedOut text notifications.

Long Island Expressway (LIE) to Exit 68. North on Rte. 46 (William Floyd Parkway) to the very end (about 7 miles). Bear right (heading East) onto Rte. 25A (NOT Rte. 25) to the traffic light. Make a left onto Defense Hill Rd. and make the next right into the R.C. Reid, Sr. Park.

Northern State Parkway East on Northern State until it turns into Rte. 347. Continue on Rte. 347 which will turn into Rte. 25A in Pt. Jefferson. Continue on Rte. 25A to Defense Hill Rd. Make a left onto Defense Hill Rd. and make the next right into the R.C. Reid, Sr. Park.

GPS enter the Shoreham-Wading River High School as the destination.