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2014 State Championship FAQs

posted Sep 15, 2014, 12:34 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2014, 1:47 PM ]
Q. When will web registration open on your website?
A. Web registration is already open for the State Championship Pre-Race as well as the State Championship.

Q. What is the schedule of events for the championship weekend?
A. Thursday- Practice- 6-8 PM 
     Friday- 6-7 PM REG and Racing starts ASAP 
     Saturday- 9-10:30 AM REG and Racing starts ASAP 
     Sunday- 10-11 AM REG and Racing starts ASAP

Q. Where can we stay while attending the state championship weekend?
A. The Holiday Inn Express in Stony Brook and the Wildwood State Park campgrounds are 2 great options.           See the NY State Championship Accommodations page for details.

Q. If I did not make the 4 state qualifiers, am I still able to race in the State Championship? 
A. Yes, we encourage riders to race in the State Championship it will give them exposure to
    racing at the state level. If they did not have the 4 state qualifiers completed they will not 
    be eligible for a State plate; that is the only difference.   

Q. Will there be Event T-Shirts? 
A. We will have long sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts to purchase the day of the event.   

Q. What place will get trophies? 
A. We will be awarding trophies for 1st through 8th place. Trophies are given out in the registration 
    booth at the end of racing, so please make sure that you wait until the end.   

Q. What are the entry fees? 
A. Practice is $5.00 on Thursday
    The pre-race is $20.00 as it is a double point race on Friday night.
    The championship is $30,00 as it is triple points on Saturday.
    Sunday will be $10.00 as it a single point local race. 
    These are the fees for all riders including Striders.